PacT Lab


Members of PaCT Lab collaborate with practitioners to ensure transfer of knowledge into industry and to support the application of research findings into the business world.


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Our work is conducted in the field or in a dedicated suite of laboratories with video editing facilities, eye-tracking equipment and a range of software analysis tools. We have good participant panels, including a panel of three hundred older adults (aged 75+). We have an excellent track record of inclusive research (i.e. we encourage the engagement of all sectors of society).

Our research is funded by the UK government (through research councils) and by industry. Some indicative projects and research outputs are summarised here.

PhD Studentships 2017

About the Studentships   Northumbria University (Newcastle upon Tyne, UK) has 8 PhD studentships available in the subjects of design, human-computer interaction, social computing and related areas. Each studentship includes a full stipend, paid for three years at RCUK rates for 2017/18 (this is yet to be set, in 2016/17 this is £14,296 pa) and [...]

Online narratives and HIV risk perceptions

Starting in May 2016, Pactlab are involved with colleagues in Hong Kong examining the efficacy of using online narratives in changing HIV risk perceptions and behaviors among men who have sex with men in Hong Kong   Starting in May 2016 Pactlab are involved with colleagues in Hong Kong examining the efficacy of using online [...]

Going online for health: Noting changes over time

As part of an ongoing project PactLab researchers have used survey methodology to take a snapshot of e-health users every five years since the year 2000 in order to assess changing patterns of use and engagement with online health information and advice. A large scale questionnaire has allowed us to note changes in website use [...]